Cursed Nautical Apparel

Vibes For The Boat, Beach, Lake, & Land

Beat the sun

Performance Longsleeves

Cursed Designs, SPF 50, Breathable, Fast-drying

Hyper Comfortable Apparel For On & Off The Water

10% Donated To Ocean Cleanup

Your orders directly support ocean cleanup and conservation

Zero Plastic Added

Orders ship in recycled bags made from 100% ocean bound plastics

Orders Ship In 1-2 Days

Get it lightning fast. From our door to yours ASAP

Sandbar Apparel Done Right

100% cotton is overrated. It absorbs water like a sponge, takes eternity to dry, and holds bacteria. HexTide's specially designed tri-blend tees combine cotton with polyester & bamboo to produce the perfect tee for life on the water.


HexTide's Mission

Keep Waterways Pristine

10% of all proceeds go directly to ocean cleanup efforts to physically remove garbage from oceans, lakes, and rivers. Every little bit helps.

Protect Vulnerable Sea Life

We believe in balance. Fishing is a way of life that doesn't need to be at odds with conservation. We support blue parks to safeguard marine biodiversity and build ocean resilience.

Use Sustainable Materials

All orders ship in 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic bags. No tags, no wasteful packaging. We use sustainable materials wherever possible, such as bamboo in our shirts, along with water based, smooth touch inks