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10% Donated Directly To Ocean Cleanup & Conservation

Once species are gone they don't come back.

Your donations go towards 2 criticial missions: protecting ecosystems & removing ocean garbage.

10% of Every Order

The ocean is essential to all life on earth. We can all do our part to reduce plastic waste and keep trash out of the seas... but cleanup efforts require financial resources to make a dent. Every dollar is absolutely crucial.

We have selected 2 highly regarded non-profits with the vision and track record to make an actual difference.

Removing Garbage

The UN estimates at least 14 million tonnes of plastic enter the oceans every year. Your donations help fund cleanup efforts world wide.

Capturing plastic in rivers is the fastest and most efficient way to rid the oceans of plastic. To do this, The Ocean Cleanup deploys a growing network of Interceptors in rivers around the world, which together have removed over 5 million kg (11 million lbs) of trash so far.

The Ocean Cleanup currently has 12 Interceptors in 7 countries, with more expected for 2023 and 2024. Funds allocated from the TeamSeas campaign are aimed at expanding and improving our Interceptors, allowing us to make even more impact in highly polluting rivers.

Protecting Ecosystems

Less than 3% of the ocean is effectively protected. We need to protect at least 30% of the ocean to safeguard marine biodiversity and build ocean resilience.

Blue Parks incentivizes a global ocean refuge system to safeguard biodiversity in at least 30% of the ocean.

What is a blue park? A blue park is a initiative that works to create an ocean refugee that safeguards all biodiversity. Today, the Marine Conservation Institute works to catalog these blue parks and ensure standards are met for all.